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With Dusk comes the dawn of a new era...

It’s 65 million years ago: the last dinosaurs are dying out, and the mammals are beginning to take over the earth. Dusk is a small tree glider -- a chiropter – who discovers that unlike the rest of his colony he can flap his wings rather than just use them to glide downwards. The only member of his colony capable of powered flight, Dusk is shunned, and escapes being driven out only because his father is leader. But after his colony is massacred by a prowl of newly-evolved, cat-like carnivores, Dusk's skills may prove to be the salvation of his colony as they embark on a perilous journey to find a new home. Set during a thrilling and dynamic era of earth's history, Darkwing tells the story of the very first bat.

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Silverwing © copyright Kenneth Oppel, published by HarperCollins Canada; illustrations by David Frankland, animation & website by Hoffworks