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Marina's Island

"When Shade gets caught in a storm and blasted away from his colony, he takes refuge on a small island off the coast. It could be any island, but I thought it might be like Grand Manan, off the coast of New Brunswick." - K.O.


Grand Manan Island , New Brunswick

Grand Manan Island sits in the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, 35 km off the coast of New Brunswick . It is one of two permanantly populated islands in the Grand Manan Archipelago and is 24 km long and 11km wide.

Most of the 3000 residents of Grand Manan live along its Eastern shore . The western side of the island is largely uninhabitable, a wall of inaccessible rocky cliffs. Island is not only a haven for bird-watchers, whale-watchers and naturalists but is also home to a centuries old fishing industry. The island can only be reached by ferry from the New Brunswick mainland.

Thanks to the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy , the water around Grand Manan is both nurturing and violent. The rich waters are home to an abundant variety of marine life that has kept island fisheries thriving for generations yet over 300 vessels have been wrecked around the island over the past two centuries.

Sources: The Government of New Brunswick &The Grand Manan Tourist Association

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